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2in1 Plastic container

- 2in1 Plastic container Airtight Kitchen Storage Container. Kitchen Food Storage Modular Square Plastic Container 2pcs. Made from high quality plastic that is 100% food grade. Extra strong, Extra tough - designed to last for years. Serves as a multipurpose storage containers. Tight vacuum seal marinating container provides oxygen & moisture barrier limiting food spoilage. You can stack the containers one over the other, Food storage containers are stackable and reusable. Price-Rs-99. Offer-Rate-Rs-29.
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Dish/Washbasin Plastic Cleaning Brush.

Dish/Washbasin Plastic Cleaning Brush. with Soap Dispensing Palm Brushes Kitchen Cleaning,Plastic Hand-held Cleaning Brush with Storage Container Stand for Bottle Pot Dish Bowl Kitchen Accessories Tool , Liquid Soap Dispenser for Kitchen Plastic Pot Dish Cleaning Brush Home Cleaning Kitchen Washing Utensils
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