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2in1 Plastic container

- 2in1 Plastic container Airtight Kitchen Storage Container. Kitchen Food Storage Modular Square Plastic Container 2pcs. Made from high quality plastic that is 100% food grade. Extra strong, Extra tough - designed to last for years. Serves as a multipurpose storage containers. Tight vacuum seal marinating container provides oxygen & moisture barrier limiting food spoilage. You can stack the containers one over the other, Food storage containers are stackable and reusable. Price-Rs-99. Offer-Rate-Rs-29.
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4-Section Container (2500 ml)

Product- 4-Section Container (2500 ml) | Plastic Right Dispenser Container Box. set for kitchen airtight Transparent Plastic Lock Food Storage Airtight Container Jar for Grocery Container, Fridge Container & Containers for Kitchen Storage , Airtight Lid Suitable for Kitchen,Sugar,Coffee,Rice, Snack. Price-Rs-249 Offer- Rate-Rs-129
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Masala Box 7 section

Product- Masala Box 7 section Plastic Square 7 Sections Multipurpose Masala Dabba Box, Plastic Wooden Style Masala Box, Spice Box,Dabba for Keeping Spices | Spice Box for Kitchen | masala box for kitchen | Masala Container|spice box - plastic -masala container for kitchen Price-Rs-399 Offer Price-Rs-99
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Storage Basket cum Bowl Strainer.

Storage Basket cum Bowl Strainer. Smart Bowl Strainer Cum Basket for Fruit Storage. Smart Washing Bowl Strainer Cum Basket for Fruits, Vegetables, Rice. Designed from high-quality, food-grade and bpa free plastic. Storage container for fruits and cut vegetables to prevent food spoilage from contamination.Soothing Price-Rs-199 Offer-Rate-79
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